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James Lopata, MTS, PCC, and executive and entrepreneurial coach and consultant, inspirational speaker, and author regularly wows audiences with mind-shifting insights in executive leadership. He is an award-winning writing published on Forbes, The Huffington Post,, in the Boston Globe and New York Times, and on NPR. He currently holds the position of editor-in-chief at Boston Spirit magazine.  He holds degrees from Miami and Harvard Universities. 


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Looking for more out of life? Stuck in a job that saps you? Just embarking on a career path and want to be sure it’s a satisfying one? Do you want to wake up excited and energized for what the day brings? For anyone looking to make a change in their career, long-time career coaches James Lopata and Brenda Loan Baker share their incredibly successful and deceptively simple 3-part process. Their LOVE LEAD LIVE Career model has been helping countless professionals move into sustainable careers that they love, that earns them more than they need, and provides meaning in their lives. In this book, you can benefit from the secrets now too!


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